Vancouver Musician Marc-E Unveils Downtempo Single ‘Before The Thought’

Vancouver-based electronic musician, Marc-E, has taken another step forward in his musical journey with the release of his latest single, “Before The Thought“. Released on August 4, 2023, the track promises an immersive, psychedelic downtempo experience, echoing the vibes of recognized artists like Entheogenic, Desert Dwellers, and Shpongle.

The new track notably pushes the boundaries of the conventional, gravitating towards the abstract and providing a deep, mindful auditory journey.

Speaking about the single, Marc-E commented, “I wanted to delve deeper into the sub-bass elements with this track, aiming to create rhythms that resonate powerfully with listeners. While my music has always been a blend of psychedelia and spirituality, ‘Before the Thought’ veers more into the psychedelic realm.”

Fans of Marc-E can anticipate more innovative sounds, as he is in the process of completing a full-length album set to release in 2024.

Marc-E, native to Vancouver, Canada, is not a newcomer to the electronic music scene. Specializing in the Psybient and Psychill genres, he’s crafted a unique niche for himself. With a distinct flair for blending world music and nature samples into his sound, his tracks emerge as soulful concoctions of electronic and organic drums, all perfectly blending into rhythms that are nothing short of mesmerizing.

Beginning his musical odyssey with a fervent passion for live performance, Marc-E dedicated much of his life to musical pursuits, contributing to several albums and engaging in multinational tours. His dedication eventually led him to produce his own music.

Throughout his career, Marc-E’s unwavering dedication to his craft and his audience has been evident. By continually refining his skills and understanding the evolving desires of his listeners, he remains at the forefront of the psychedelic community.

The release of “Before The Thought” further solidifies his reputation as a leading force in the world of psychedelic downtempo music, listen to it below!


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