Nicollette Sheridan Leaves ‘Dynasty’ – Read On For Details | TV News


The beloved original Mrs Carrington will not be returning for the third season of Dynasty. The original 1980s series starred Joan Collins in the role of Alexis Carrington/Colby, but in the rebooted version stars Nicollette Sheridan, who previously starred in Desperate Housewives but left in 2009.


The reason for her exit of the show is based on family responsibilities, and she will be leaving the show officially in March. However this doesn’t mean an end to the character completely, since she is a very valuable asset to the cast, so rumours have sparked that they will be recasting a new actress to take on the role. There has been no news as of who will be replacing her yet, but they definitely have a lot to live up to!


This is nothing new to Dynasty, having dealt with series regulars abruptly leaving, among the likes of Cristal Carrington played by Nathalie Kelley, and Steven Carrington played by James Mackay, which is a shame, since the characters were so well liked by viewers.


Nonetheless, the series airs on Netflix and we are currently mid way through season 2. Check out the trailer for the next episode below:




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