Jade Bird – I Get No Joy | Music Video


Jade Bird just released her brand new music video for “I Get No Joy“, a song which depicts the act of being unable to break through one’s trail of thought and getting lost in overthinking things, only to realise life is actually passing you by.


In the video we see Bird continuously driving a Firebird (fitting for her surname) around a track and crashing it each time – supposedly for the perfect shot. With the line:


“I swear that I don’t pay attention
If I did, would intervention come to me in a dream?
Or is that just what the directors and the pills and
Other deflectors would have you believe?”


She is conveying that the director in the video is manipulating her, controlling her, and all for his own pursuit of happiness, not hers. While he gets joy from the constant retakes of her failing to make the perfect shot, she is getting no joy from it.


Only by the end of the video does Bird realise what is happening, she is falling into his trap of what she thinks is happiness, but it is in fact not her idea of happiness at all, it is his. When she realises she doesn’t want to be there, she drives off in the Firebird down a literal path and away from the things that make other people happy, to find her own metaphorical path.


Check out the video below:




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