Noel Fielding Fuels Rumours Of A ‘Mighty Boosh’ Return | TV News


The Mighty Boosh – TV show, fictional band, and comedy pairing of Noel Fielding and Julian Barratt – seems set to return in the near future.


The much loved sitcom last aired in 2009, and since then Boosh performances have been few and far between. Now however, Fielding has hinted at a return, bemoaning the lack of Boosh content this over the last decade and pledging to ‘rectify’ that.


Since the third and final series od the irreverent TV comedy aired in 2009, Fielding has worked on this own Luxury Comedy series and notably now presents The Great British Bake Off, a feat that seems odd to say the least, baking and crack foxes not being tied up too strongly in the popular imagination.


Barratt on the other hand has been equally busy, starring in the BBC series Flowers and the critically acclaimed In Velvet.


With busy schedules heading into the new decade it remains to be seen whether Fielding’s words will come to fruition, but as a pair they have made some of the strangest but crucially hilarious comedy of the 21st century. Given the start that has been made to 2020 – USA-Iran etc etc – we could do with some comic relief.



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