Octavian + Sam Wise – 100 Degrees | Music Video


After a purely sensational introduction to the music scene, South London’s Octavian keeps the fire burning with his latest single “100 Degrees“, teaming up with fellow South Londoner Sam Wise to produce another quality track. This latest single, with both the track and the video being released at the same time, follows on from the underground hit “Party Here“.


The video has a spooky feel to it. Partly because of the dark, menacing trap-inspired beat but pairing it with the alluring and hallucinatory special effects in the visual only adds to the overall feel. It’s not just another street video as Octavian and his crew also manage to take over a deserted football field deep in the dead of night.


With an EP set to drop sometime in the Spring, we are in the process of watching a rising star pave a path of his own. More success to him! Watch the new video below:




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