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Sydney-based singer and multi-instrumentalist Oliver Old has recently unveiled a new single titled “Broken”. Oliver has been solo as an artist since September, when he released “Subtle Dagger”.


Music has always been a refuge for the artist, especially after he found, in 2016, his friend’s body, who had tragically committed suicide. Oliver’s songs are deeply connected to his personal experiences and this explains both the depth and soul in Olivers vocal tone and performance.


The artist has recently explained in a statement: “I overcame adversities in my life by concentrating heavily on music. I’d lock myself in my room for days playing guitar and developing a voice.


I found mental strength in consistently pushing through new pain barriers of emotion. I found a quiet place amongst the pain and the strength to keep moving when life was at its hardest and I believe the ability for that concentration is what separates me from others….”.


Regarding the new single, “Broken” is inspired by Oliver’s personal experiences too. In particular the song is about overcoming heartbreak and the loss of a relationship.


The artist focuses on silver linings to his situation, as he realizes that it is unnecessary to dwell on past love when the future offers infinite possibilities. The song features bluesy vibes, amazing guitar licks and solos, and a catchy bass line.


Listen to “Broken” below:





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