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The alternative rock sounds of the Elektric Animals come from Denver, Colorado. By taking inspiration from an interesting mix of 90’s garage rock, classic blues, smooth alternative indie rock and post-grunge, they burst officially onto the Denver scene, in early 2018 with debut singles “Obsessive” and “Cool Calm Collected”.


Furthermore, their journey as artists has just begun, but they have already been labelled as a band that can create “music that involves organic elements, while still cultivating powerful hooks, and emotional lyrics; engraving them more permanently inside our heads“, as BolderBeat said in a feature about them.


Nevertheless, it is through Elektric Animals newest single “Just Like You” that they have showed what they are capable of with their sounds. In fact, the raw voice of the lead singer will wrap you up in a electric sensations which renders the track a real alternative rock anthem, ready to be played on worldwide stages.


Just like You / Stuck in the middle” whispers the vocalist in the microphone to break every silence with the instruments which accompany him. The groovy vibes of the distorted guitars and slamming drum beats are aggressive without losing cohesion, giving the definition of what this genre should be.


Listen to the song below:




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