Ollie Returns With New Single ‘Wasted’ And Announces New EP

Fast-rising Canadian rapper Ollie has returned once again with his new single “Wasted”, which was released on April 29 and has also announceed the release of his forthcoming EP, Even When I’m Happy I Listen To Sad Music on May 27

Speaking about the EP, Ollie said, “This project has been something he has been working on for over a year. These songs are very close to my heart and represent everything that I am. In my past, I’ve experienced quite a bit of pain. I don’t like to be emotional and I usually hold my feelings back.

Music has the ability to get all of this out of me without my selfish Life has a funny way of showing us what we don’t want to see. It’s just the fact that no one is perfect. Each of our stories is a mix of good times and bad times. Both realities shape who we are, give us purpose, and help us appreciate the other. So even when I’m happy, I listen to sad music“.

Ollie, also known as Ollie Raps, has quietly been making a name for himself, garnering more than 300 million streams in the past six years. Hailing from a small town just south of Toronto, Ollie has patiently built a loyal and quickly expanding audience thanks to his relatable brand of music.

Ollie frequently touch the subjects like failure, heartbreak, and mental health, speaking directly to the Millennials and Gen Z members who face these same problems.

Early in his career, Ollie was involved in the YouTube gaming community. Eventually, this led him to create a music channel in order to connect with fans around the world. It was music that Ollie turned to.as a form of therapy.

He shifted his focus to creating dynamic deliveries and engaging lyricism to reflect his experience. He followed this path to become the person he is today – an artist who inspires others through the mantra, “More Than Music”.

Ollie has over 265K subscribers on YouTube, over 1.3 million monthly listeners on Spotify, and his songs have appeared on countless Spotify and Apple Music playlists as well as a Spotify billboard at Toronto’s Yonge & Dundas Square.

Listen to “Wasted” below:


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