OSO OSO – Impossible Game | Music Video


OSO OSO have shared a new video for their last single “Impossible Game” from their upcoming album Basking In The Glow and we have to say, it’s one of the most random music videos ever.


The emo/pop punk band was formed back in 2014 by Jade Lilitri. Since they first started, the band have been experimenting with different kind of styles, beats and themes. Their last album the yunahon mixtape was released three years ago and it showed the pessimistic side of Jade Lilitri with lyrics as intimate and melancholic as the ones from “reindeer games”.


We still don’t know much about the upcoming album Basking In The Glow, but it seems like they are going to give a twist to their original emo style in some of their new tracks like “The View” and “A Morning Song”. However, you will still be able to feel Jade’s essential melancholic vibes throughout the album tracks.


The music video for “Impossible Game” gives you a little taste of that twist we were talking about. While Jade Lilitri ‘stays still’ singing and playing with his guitar in front of a fake landscape, people dressed as all kind of animals, wizards and clowns walk in circles around him and throwing streamers at him.


Both the song’s rhythm and its music video contain a very special ‘je ne sais quoi’ so hard to describe but so catchy and addictive. You need to check it out for yourself!




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