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Even though Montreal band/singer-songwriter Patrick Watson’s fifth studio album isn’t out until May, fans have been given a preview of what to expect, including intriguing title track “Love Songs For Robots”. Beginning like a sunrise on a spring morning, it continues to grow at a beautifully slow tempo as Watson’s voice gently breezes over light drums, bass guitar, the country-western aura from “Adventures In Your Own Backyard” and an occasional flying sauce of sonic effects before reaching a euphoric climax with sparkling synths and post-rock tendencies.


The other bonus we are treated to is an ambiguous trailer for the album, which features the light bulb headed cabaret dressed robot of the new album’s cover. The short clip presents us with another song entitled “In Circles”, which is both melancholic and optimistic, like a composition from Iceland’s Ásgeir and fades out just as Watson’s halcyon vocals unravel. The debate continues to whether the Cinematic Orchestra collaborator Watson and his band can accomplish significant success outside Canadian waters.


Patrick Watson will be performing in London next on the 11th of May at Bush Hall, just one day before the new album Love Songs For Robots is released and fans who can’t contain their anticipation may pre-order the album here. You can see listen to the new song below. You can stream title track “Love Songs For Robots” and view the album’s short trailer with a snippet of “In Circles” below.





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