Peter Jackson To Direct An Episode Of ‘Doctor Who’? | TV News

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Peter Jackson To Direct An Episode Of ‘Doctor Who’? | TV News



Peter Jackson has hinted that he could be in line to direct an episode of BBC sci-fi series Doctor Who. He released a video on his Facebook page entitled ‘Home Invasion‘ which includes an appearance from the Doctor himself, Peter Capaldi.


Jackson and his daughter are pictured at a table having a conversation regarding an email from writer and producer Steven Moffat, who asks the Hobbit director if he would like to direct an episode of Doctor Who. Moffat wants Jackson to direct the show in Cardiff over a couple of weeks, while Jackson wants to direct in New Zealand over six months. During the conversation, a confused looking Capaldi enters the room, with a contract for Jackson to sign, but is chased out of the room by a Dalek before getting the signature.


This was an interesting weekend…

Posted by Peter Jackson on Sunday, November 29, 2015



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