Pharrell Williams – It Girl | Music Video


The new Pharrell Williams video has been released and if you haven’t seen it already, then brace yourself; it is quite a unique video! For his song “It Girl“, Pharrell has gone for animated visuals this time, which is perfect for those of you who have been thinking ‘I wish I had more animation in my life, I’ve been running really low on it recently’ – this video is about to make your day. Directed by Mr. and Fantasista Utamaro and produced by NAZ animation studios, “It Girl” is a wonderful yet confusing mix of anime, pixellated video game graphics, graffiti-style art, flags, and a lot of colour (A LOT of colour!).


If you were to take Daft Punk’s animated video for “Harder Better Faster“, then multiply the amount of ‘surreal’ by 100, throw in a few hallucinations, add a guy with a hamburger for a head (blink and you’ll miss it), as well as some female characters whose ages are slightly suspect… then you will be halfway close to summarizing what this new video is all about. However long you spend wondering what-the-Pharrell you just watched is up to you. The video is very creative however, there’s no denying that, and the quality and variety of animation is pretty impressive. You may simply need to re-adjust your eyes after watching, that’s all. Enjoy!




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