Promising New Jersey Rap Prospect Jameel Mason Releases New Single ‘Big Steppa’ | Music News


New Jersey’s rapper Jameel Mason has come back onto the scene with an infectious new banger entitled “Big Steppa”.


The track is composed of a thick, bassy beat, killer hooks and a gritty undercurrent. Jameel let his bars resonate through the song while he commands the flow with ease. His energy is quite hypnotic, he is experimenting with old-school hip hop rhythms but adding a modern twist to it. His words are cutting through the melody and reveal to us an unparalleled lyrical flair.


About the creation of his single, “Big Steppa”, Jameel states:”Big Steppa was a whole vibe to create – the story is simple. I was in the studio with a dope producer Zeezylit and my two brothers. We were at Ice Cube’s Studio ‘Ice Cream’ in LA.


The ceremonial herbs were permeating throughout the room, Zeezy was going through his beats and as soon as I heard the strings to the track, I told him to stop and said ‘that’s the one’ – it took us about 2 hours to complete“.


Jameel discovered his passion for music and rhyming at the age of 10, since then he has dedicated his time to writing raps. He was able to put all his frustrations into his craft.


Jameel caught the attention of the rap legend Eminem with his single “No Turning Back”. The rap legend wanted to meet him, unfortunately, a big basketball game – Jameel was still playing in his college team – made it impossible.


The New Brunswick native has two mixtapes under his belt, The Sample and D4G, which have done well across the Tri State Area. With the approval from one of his idols, Jameel artistry keeps flourishing to an exceptional degree.


The artist is still growing and developing his style. His music is self-expressive and witty. He is using his outstanding knack for writing to create music that is his own.


Listen to “Big Steppa” here, and be ready to hear a lot more about Jameel Mason:



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