Rachel Weisz Set To Play Elizabeth Taylor In New Movie ‘A Special Relationship’ | Film News


British actress Rachel Weisz is set to play the legendary Elizabeth Taylor in a new biopic titled A Special Relationship. Rachel Weisz became famous thanks to her role in The Mummy and is now set to interprete an icon, who left an undelible mark both as an actress and as an activist.


Indeed, beside being one of the biggest names during Hollywood’s original Golden Age and winning two Academy Awards for Butterfield 8 (1960) and Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolf? (1967), Elizabeth Taylor had a major role in the fight against AIDS. The actress managed to make her audience aware about the danger this illness represents, in a age when AIDS was still a big taboo, and to raise over $270 million for the cause.


The movie will especially focus on Taylor’s relationship with Roger Wall, a gay man, who she hired as her personal assistant in the 1980s, and who helped her in the fight.


Producers Ian Canning and Emile Sherman have recently said: “Audiences are clearly fascinated by the private lives of iconic Hollywood stars. There is no one more iconic than Elizabeth Taylor, and Simon Beaufoy has written a role that shines a light on Elizabeth’s humor and humanity, which will be beautifully brought to life through the extraordinary talents of Rachel Weisz”.


The movie was announced by See-Saw Films and will be directed by duo Bert & Bertie. The release date hasn’t been confirmed yet.



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