The UK Is Set For December 12 Parliamentary Elections | Politics


The United Kingdom is set to face parliamentary elections on December 12, after the House of Commons approved the legislation with 438 votes in favour. The decision has still to be approved by the Lords, but it will be most likely accepted.


After being initially criticized, Boris Johnson‘s call for elections got the Labour Party approval. Elections will hopefully break the current Brexit impasse, after MPs rejected the new deal and the Brexit deadline got postponed to January 31, 2020.


While Boris is hoping to get the majority of seats, in order to get a fresh mandate for his Brexit deal , Labour and Liberal Democrats are hoping to definitely avoid, at least, a no-deal Brexit, after the president of the European council Donald Tusk confirmed, via Twitter, that this extension could be the UK’s last one.


The election campaign will soon start and party leaders have already begun to express their intention. Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said: “This election is a once-in-a-generation chance to transform our country and take on the vested interests holding people back”. Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage stated: “Brexit now has a chance to succeed”, while Boris invited the country to “come together to get Brexit done”.


On the other hand, The Liberal Democrats leader Jo Swinson, proposed as a candidate: “I am standing as a candidate to be the next prime minister and in these volatile political times that is absolutely possible”.


December 12 is close, and we will be finally able to assess which direction Brexit will take.



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