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Radiohead – Spectre | New Music



Radiohead fans rejoice. Thom Yorke revealed yesterday (December 25) in a series of tweets that the band had been approached last year to write the theme for new Bond film Spectre. It “didn’t work out” in the end, in Yorke’s words, but as we’re in the season of giving, he’s given it to us as a little Christmas treat anyway, and it’s quite stunning.


The string arrangement is absolutely gorgeous, and Yorke’s haunting falsetto ghosts over the top of it all, very much embodying a spectre-like being himself. The song masterfully captures the feel of a Bond film, you can practically see the dreamy visions of the opening credits playing against it all. It’s quite baffling that it wasn’t chosen as the actual theme for the film; the only explanation is that it just wasn’t seen to be as commercially viable as the Sam Smith-sung theme. Thank you Thom Yorke, for the festive treat. Merry Christmas indeed.




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