Rainsford + Twin Shadow – Intentions | New Music

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Rainsford + Twin Shadow – Intentions | New Music


Introducing Los Angeles based Indie pop artist Rainsford with her brand new single titled “Intentions” featuring acclaimed musician Twin Shadow, which I found on one of my many forays into SubmitHub. Rainsford has a really amazing voice and the song really gets going on the chorus, which is as lush and infectious as it gets.


The new “Intentions” single was co-written and produced by Nick Dungo (Jaja Bu), and was recently premiered via Complex. It comes on the back of her recently released offering “Flowers In A Vase”, and both tracks are serving as precursors for her forthcoming EP which is due at the start of 2018.


Speaking about the making of the record, Rainsford says, “My co-writer Nick and I ended up combining two songs we were working on, completely reproduced it several times, and what you hear is the final result. Given the content of the song, we thought it would really benefit from a male voice. So we were thrilled when George (Twin Shadow) wanted to sing on the chorus with me“.


She continued, about the inspiration for the track, “The initial inspiration for the song came from a confusing experience I was going through with a girl. Later the lyrics were influenced by a similar experience with a guy I started dating. In both cases neither of us really knew what we wanted and were scared to truly speak our minds, leaving me wondering “what are your intentions?


Listen to “Intentions” below.




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