R&B Singer George Riley Releases New Single ‘Cleanse Me’ | Music News


London singer George Riley has released a new single titled “Cleanse Me”, produced by Oliver Palfreyman, with the video clip for the song directed by Jason Vaz completely remotely. The track was released on the eve of Greta Thumberg’s 2021 global climate strike and written as a reaction to all the discussions about the appropriation of the climate crisis.


The music video is driven by amazing effects blended in with the artist and it makes for a very unique viewing experience. Even though it gives a home-made vibe when the singer gets up to turn the camera off, it still clearly well produced. With a calm beat, the artist has a soulful voice that calms the listeners almost instantly.


George Riley is a very talented story telling artist, and majority of her songs make a statement about some kind of social issue, such as her single “Move”, which spoke about a psychedelic exploration of falling through the traps of the online vision of people and toxic self-comparison as well as social media’s idealisation of eurocentricity.


“Cleanse Me” blossoms just like the planets should, embodying soundscapes and air-like textures, but Riley’s voice also transforms during the tune. In the beginning she is so delicate with hushed vocals, which then expands into a more atmospheric delivery.


Watch the video for “Cleanse Me” below:





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