Rihanna Approves Of Kayne West Run For President | Music News



At this years MTV VMAs Kayne West made a lengthy 12 minute acceptance speech and in it he also announced that he is going to run for President in 2020. Although many have thought that this statement was just for show, in fact its come to light that it is very much real and that Kanye is even got a few supporters behind him. Rihanna has decided to back Kayne and has spoken to Entertainment Weekly about his decision to go political, “I mean people are voting for Donald Trump. Who wouldn’t vote for Kanye? I’m really, really elated with his speech. His speech was incredible“.


On Monday (August 31) The Democrat party posted on Twitter “Last night @kaynewest declared his candidacy for president in 2020. Welcome to the race, Mr. West. Glad to have you“. Kayne has always thought highly of himself and this isn’t actually a shock, just a shake of the head moment.



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