Rihanna Unveils Fenty Collection In Paris Pop-Up Store | Fashion News


It’s bad ass, it’s daring” boasts Rihanna, as she launches her new fashion label Fenty created with the LVMH group in Paris last week. As a CEO, Rihanna will now be one of the first black women to head a LVMH brand, making her label Fenty, a historic event.


It has been a well-kept secret for the last year or so, but recently, Rihanna has been slowly unveiling her pieces to the world. Aside from the video clips she posted on Instagram, over the past few months she has been testing her pieces before finally announcing the collection earlier this month, and unveiling the collection to the public eye a few days ago.


The collection has pieces that include footwear, jewellery, accessories and clothing. The most popular of the collection are the strappy barely-there stilettos with open toes, essential for summer time and to pair with the oversized boned blazer with a cinched waist. The pieces are perfect to wear in the sun due to the subtle bright colours yet borderline masculine attitude the collection showcases.


Rihanna pushes that same inclusivity into her new brand “I’m a curvy girl, and if I can’t wear it, then it’s not going to work”. With a size range that reaches a French size 46, it’s clear that Rihanna is using fashion to bend and twist the rules into her direction.


Rihanna strives on breaking rules, from her makeup collection down to her music, the singer has a love for all things unique. About the Fenty collection, she adds that “It pushes the envelope… I want everyone to wear it”. Since Fenty Beauty’s release, several brands have been feeling the pressure to increase their shade ranges to include all people of colour.


Fenty beauty brags a massive range of 40 shades of foundation, and 50 shades of concealers, and since the release, the beauty world hasn’t been the same. With hundreds of other brands now catering to all women of colour, it’s clear the power and influence Rihanna holds.









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