Rose Byrne Goes From Housewife To Aerobics Instructor In Trailer For ‘Physical’ | TV News


Rose Byrne is set to play in Apple TV upcoming series Physical. The trailer has been revealed by the streaming platform at the beginning of the week.


The series will follow the story of Sheila Rubin, played by Rose Byrne. In the 80’s, she’s an unhappy and unfulfilled housewife, struggling with her self-confidence and image. She’s tryng to find her own happiness and self-developement while balancing with her family life, as a mother and wife. Her controversial husband is played by Rory Scovel.


The whole story is centred around Sheila unexpectedly discovering a new hobby, when she starts to develop a real passion for aerobics.


Sheila will develop a real passion and even become an aerobics instructor and discover a whole new side to her personality, and escape from everything she used to hate. We will follow her aspirations to inspire change within herself and in others through her courses.


The first trailer is set to the iconic, dancing music of the 80’s “Video Killed The Radio Stars”, which really sets the mood of the series. The rest of cast of the 10-episode series is composed of Dierdre Friel, Della Saba, Lou Taylor Pucci, Paul Sparks, and Ashley Liao.


Physical will premiere on Apple TV on June 18, with the release of the first three episodes, and we are looking forward to seeing Rose Byrne embody this empowering women.


In the meantime, you can watch the trailer here:




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