Rumour Has It That ‘Twin Peaks’ Is Coming Back For Season 4 | TV News

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Rumour Has It That ‘Twin Peaks’ Is Coming Back For Season 4 | TV News


Rumors spreading fast these days are reporting a possible return of the series which dominated the screens during the 90s, and made a revival for one season in 2017. Twin Peaks has not only been a series, but a real cult offering and its fandom has always made itself heard. On the other hand, the artistic choices of the eclectic director David Lynch have always hardly bent to these requests.


The most reliable rumors about a new Twin Peaks season come from the social media accounts of actor Kyle MacLachlan and the director David Lynch himself. Indeed, the actor shared a clue on what could happen in a post with an old picture of himself: “Love this dapper suit, but definitely thinking about… donuts this morning“. This is definitely a clear reference to his old Twin Peaks character, the detective Dale Cooper.


At the same time, Lynch posted a nostalgic tweet, concerning his old, favourite series: “We had a perfect place to shoot ‘Twin Peaks’ and perfect people to work with“. Nevertheless, no one knows anything but fans are now expecting something new.


However, in the past, the director has always been sceptical on a potential Twin Peaks season 4. He will continue to keep his artistic genius far from others’ external desires, by not revealing nothing, not even the meaning of his films. As he has always done.



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