Noah Parker + Brandyn Burnette + Angel Taylor – Home | New Music

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Noah Parker + Brandyn Burnette + Angel Taylor – Home | New Music


Noah Parker is a Los Angeles based writer, singer and producer originally from New York City, and he has just released a new pop track titled “Home“ featuring Brandy Brunette and Angel Taylor.


Noah Parker began learning piano at 10 inspired by his classical and jazz pianist father. And then he fell in love with the guitar. When he was a teenager, he won a teen poet competition, and today, he tries to mix his writing with his skills in music. His aim is to cross-pollinating modern pop with more traditional aspects of craft and performance. He plans to release a series of tracks throughout the coming year, leading up to the ultimate arrival of his debut album.


“Home” is a first-time collaboration between these three artists, and they should do it again. They have created a dance full Electronic pop smash hit.


Angel Taylor, known for her collaboration with DJ Koven on “Getaway”, brings her vocal skills, and Brandyn Burnette’s vocal complements hers perfectly, for an emotionally powerful melody.


The lyrics, written by Noah Parker and Latin Grammy nominated co-producer Emile Ghantous, deal with a story of distance, love and its effects on how we view what home is.


It’s the combination of both beautiful lyric story and electronica sounds that make it both commercial and idiosyncratic, listen to it below.

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