Sanaa Lathan Finds Her True Self In ‘Nappily Ever After’ On Netflix | TV Trailer


Following the just launched Strong Black Lead‘s movement, focusing on highlighting projects lead by black people on the platform, Netflix has released the trailer for Nappily Ever After.


The film follows Sanaa Lathan‘s Violet Jones, in this rom-com about self-confidence and discovering that it is never too late to find your true self.


Violet is a seemingly perfectly happy woman from the outside. She has it all: a successful career, the perfect boyfriend, who is a prestigious surgeon, and life-long friends. But Viola has a little secret: since early age, she has been overly obsessed with her hair, straightening it, combing it, but never letting her natural hair show.


A visit to the hair-dresser, though, will make her realize that the perfection she is striving for is not real. In a desperate attempt to regain her self-control, Viola decides to shave off her head, leading her to a path of self-discovery and self-assertion.


Based on the best-selling novel of the same name by Trisha R. Thomas, Nappily Ever After has all the right cards to become a commercial hit. Mashing up romance, friendship, and drama, Netflix has a small jam on its hands.


Also, seeing a movie about self-discovery that explores a 30-something years old is always refreshing. Finding your true self, and the confidence to own it is an ongoing process, even when you think you have everything figured out.


Following Netflix’s effort to give more visibility to African-American centred projects, the film is just the opener of a string of future releases that should validate to the online giant’s statement.


Nappily Ever After will be available on Netflix on September 21. In the meantime, catch the trailer below:




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