Scorcher x Rocket – Timbo Flow | Music Video

Rocket x Scorcher 19.07.2016ANDREW


The video for their song “Timbo Flow” is the latest release from rappers Rocket and Scorcher, which, in turn, is in conjunction with their joint project, titled Rocket x Scorcher EP. The EP was released Monday, July 11, and the track also appears on the soundtrack of UK based gangster flick, The Intent. The latter comes out on iTunes, Friday, July 29.


“Timbo Flow”, produced by Tee, is based, somewhat, on Timbaland and Aaliyah’s “Are You That Somebody”, at least for the chorus. It opens suitably moody, with deep, pinging bass and rattling drum. The duo bounce off eachother quite well, as well as the bass seems to bounce off the walls in the refrain towards the end.


The video comes with cutaways from the film featuring Fastlane Wes, and even Scorcher himself, in their roles for the film, amidst some more performance style visuals. It begins in a pretty dank looking warehouse, complete with broken windows aplenty. It closes with some adlibbing from the guys, proving there is at least some light moments in this serious effort.




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