SEREBRO – Сломана | Music Video

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SEREBRO – Сломана | Music Video



Just a week after the release of their anticipated third studio album, СИЛА ТРЁХ, the girls of Russian trio, SEREBRO, are ready to release some more music. The band, currently formed by Olga Seryabkina, Polina Favorskaya and Katya Kischuk, has announced its next official single, called “Сломана”, or “Broken” in English.


The song was released on digital retailers Monday, June 6, via Monolith Records. “Сломана” begins melancholy, but soon kicks in with a massive sound. It mixes guitar with more electronic influences, making for quite a bold, powerful piece of music.


A mood version music video was premiered yesterday (Saturday, June 18). This depicts someone sleeping, curtains open to multitudes of passing traffic, edited over hours and hours.




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