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Songwriter and producer SG Lewis has released his brand new single “Blue“. The track is the first to come from Dawn, the third and final instalment of his hugely ambitious three-part concept album Dusk, Dark, Dawn. “Blue” is also the first new music from SG since the release of Dark last November.


The euphoric, psychedelia-tinged “Blue” is entirely performed and produced by SG Lewis, who returns to the style of his early breakthrough tracks, vocals and all. His vocals, with sentiments of vulnerability, float freely through the track. Then the breakdown comes in, emmenating a different vibe, transporting you to another space.



Speaking on the track, SG says “’Blue‘ is the first track off of Dawn and is something I am hugely proud of. The track is bit of a journey that transports to a second dimension in the latter half. I created it in London with my long-term collaborators, Phairo and Frances, and I feel like it is the perfect introduction to the third and final part of the project”.



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