Silk Sonic Top Billboard Hot 100 Chart With ‘Leave The Door Open’ | Music News


Bruno Mars and Anderson Paak. have brought the touch of 70’s soul freshness we didn’t know we needed yet with their joint project Silk Sonic, as they take us straight back to the great era of the seventies.


Indeed, the duo is enjoying phenomenal success with their new single “Leave The Door Open”, which released on March 5. This week, the hit song reached the #1 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart, which tracks US single sales, radio airplay, online listening and YouTube views across all music categories. The music video has so far reached 124 million views on Youtube.


Bruno Mars has sold 200 million albums worldwide, nominated for 21 Grammy Awards and has topped the US charts seven times already, while fellow Silk Sonic member Anderson Paak is a three-time Grammy Award winning musician, producer, drummer, rapper and singer who has established himself as one of the major artists of the current music scene.


Their performance at the Grammy Awards as Silk Sonic on March 14 made headlines for its scenic design and costumes straight out of the American TV show Soul Train, setting things up for a great year.


They also announced their album An Evening With Silk Sonic, which should be out soon. The project is said to feature a prestigious guest appearance from funk legend Bootsy Collins (“Parliament”,”Funkadelic”), with Mars and D’Mile on production.


Whatever the case, we believe that this unexpected duo is not about to disappoint us and their collaboration has been a huge success so far. We can hardly wait to discover their forthcoming album.


Watch the music video for “Leave The Door Open” here:




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