Skott – Mermaid | Music Video

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Skott – Mermaid | Music Video


It’s hard not to be drawn in by water-themed videos; there’s something particularly enthralling about objects moving underwater, something which, along with the cool tone throughout, helps to beautify Skott‘s music video for “Mermaid”.


In it, Skott is shot against some picturesque scenery and, of course, swimming underwater. “Filming the video was an exciting experience for me. I love swimming and I got to experience my very first shoot underwater.” Skott enthused via Billboard.


Continuing, the artist explained having to perform in the same clothes for a next-day gig: “On the day of the shoot, I had trouble with the clothes I had selected for the video, so I ended up filming in my outfit that was planned for a show the next day. However, after shooting in the water for 14 hours, I had no time to dry the outfit and ended up having to perform in wet and cold clothes for the show”.


Talk about commitment to your art!


The video is directed by Emile Rafael, who I have to take time out to commend: the outcome is truly a work of art. Watch below:




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