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Skrillex 28.05.2016ANDREW


Following the Casey Dienel, also known as White Hinterland, lawsuit over their smash hit, “Sorry”, Justin Bieber and Skrillex have responded to the copyright infringement allegations via their respective social media accounts.


Skrillex, however, took it even one step further as he showed how the vocal hook was created.


Using an a cappella demo by “Sorry” co-songwriter Julia Michaels, Skrillex manipulated the pitch and contorted the semitones to form a vocal melody that, aurally, resembles the opening notes of “Ring The Bell”, but is clearly not a sample of the “Ring The Bell” recording.


In Dienel’s Facebook post, the artist wrote:


“Like most artists that sample music, Bieber could have licensed my song for use in ‘Sorry.’ But he chose not to contact me”. She added that, after a letter alleging infringement from her lawyers to Bieber’s representatives went ignored, she was left with “no other option” but to file a lawsuit in order to “stand up for my music and art”.



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