Some Of Our Beloved Outfits Hidden Health Impact | Fashion News


How many times we saw an incredible pair of jeans that look amazing but maybe a little too tight? And a pair beautiful heels that make us feel like a star?


Doctors warned that some outfits contribute to back problems in women, such as skinny jeans, cross-body handbags, parka jackets with big hoodies and heels.


The British Chiropractic Association carried out a study stating that at least three quarters of women have suffered back pain, and that a quarter of them are still putting fashion first although they are aware of the effects on health.


What we could do without renouncing to our style?


Skinny jeans can restrict movements in the hips and knees areas, so we can wear them two or three times per week to give our body a break. The same solutions is to be considered for heels. When you have a busy day and lot of things to carry with you, why don’t we use a stylish backpack to preserve our posture?



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