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With the new Spider-Man – nineteen year old Tom Holland set to make his debut appearance in April’s Captain America: Civil War, Marvel superhero creator Stan Lee believes seeing the web swinging superhero as a teenager isn’t essential; admitting it’s worth exploring the character at all ages. Speaking to DigitalSpy, Lee admitted on the subject of Spider-Man’s age that he feels the character works on any level:


“I really think that he works well any way – whether he’s a teenager in high school, or whether he’s in his 20s and we have some romance elements”. He continued, summing up his opinion by saying the film’s suspense will decide whether it’s a success or not: “it’s fine as long as it’s well-written and as long as there’s enough suspense and enough surprises”.


Currently, Spidey’s appearance in Civil War has remained a guarded secret; with his own solo movie set for 2017, here’s hoping his stepping-stone appearance in Civil War will start Holland off on the right track. See Civil War on April 29, 2016.



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