Statues In Paris Are Wearing Masks To Draw Attention To Air Pollution | Politics


Swedish brand and makers of anti-smog masks Airinum have initiated an interest kind of protest in Paris, which has seen several statues in Paris don masks to draw attention to air pollution.


The event has been organized on occasion of Paris Fashion Week, to put the problem of increased polluted air in cities under the limelight, and offer support for the UN climate summit, held in New York from September 21-23. It is not the first time that these masks have been staged during the fashion show.


On September 24, designer Marine Serre launched airinum masks during her show: in fact she tried to portray how a dystopian future might look like, poisoned by pollution. Now, several statues in the French capital seem to also be warning us about the environmental emergency.


As founder of Airinum, Fredrik Kempe explained: “By presenting our masks during one of the shows we want to start a discussion about the climate crisis, which can even affect the way we dress. We knew that during the fashion week the eyes of the whole world would be on Paris and we decided to show masks not only on the catwalk, but also outside it. Anti-smog mask is not only a symbol, but above all it can save lives“.


According to the data of the World Health Organization, contaminated air affects nine out of ten people in the world. “UN Secretary-General António Guterreshas emphasised the link between worsening levels of air pollution and the climate crisis, but still not enough is being done”, stated Kempe.



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