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Whether there is something ghostly about the meaning of the track is none of my business. “Shades Of Pemberley” by emerging Dream Pop/R&B artist Sundays is the perfect song for a Sunday afternoon, and it is exactly what Sunday might sound like as a song. This track is an easy-going, mellow offering, tinged with eastern melodies, which entices you and easily creates a heavenly atmosphere, drawing you into a daydream.


“Shades Of Pemberley” is the second track to be taken from the Vancouver-based artist’s forthcoming EP Neverland, which is out on October 28 via Roshambo Records. According to the press release, the song was inspired by the movie scenes at Pemberley in 2005 film Pride and Prejudice – we better not start any metaphorical analysis of Jane Austen’s works. For R&B fans, listen below to “Shades Of Pemberley”.




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