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After launching the Swarovski collaboration last week for its 25th anniversary, New York-based brand Supreme has just announced another new collaborative project with Japanese artist Sekintani La Norihiro. Known for his provocative collages that incorporate distorted elements of the human body, as well as internal organs.


The artist has previously explained his art: “I use pictures of bowels because they have such beautiful colors.” Referencing the many distorted corporeal elements in his prints, he said: “My artwork doesn’t mean anything more than how it looks.”


The Osaka-born creative is known for his trippy, surrealistically bizarre artwork. His works have been a fixture on the underground art scene for over 20 years, and now you can find them on a handful of tees, pants, skate decks, a coaches jacket and shirts. The latter ranges from an all-over print pullover and T-Shirt to long-sleeves with graphic prints and a work shirt done up in plain & camo colorways.


The stand out piece is definitely, the coach jacket, who boast full Sekintani La Norihiro print. It’s the boldest item in the collection by fair, especially when paired with the matching graphic skate pants. The collection also includes skateboard decks perfectly matched with the garments.


The Supreme x Sekintani La Norihiro 2019 spring/summer collection will be available at Supreme’s physical stores in New York, Brooklyn, Los Angeles, London and Paris, as well as its online store on May 2. Japan will see a release date of May 4. Check out the collection below.















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