Syrian Army Joins Kurdish Forces After Finding Deal To Counter Turkey | Politics


The Syrian army has entered the fight against Turkey, after reaching a deal with the Kurdish led forces. The deal was reached over the weekend, when the Kurds accepted to surrender the border towns of Manbij and Kobane to Damascus, in exchange for protection from the Assad Regime.


This piece of news comes from Syrian state media, which stated that the army is reaching the northern area of the country to “confront Turkish aggression on Syrian territory”. This fight is only the last chapter of Syria’s nearly nine-year civil war, which completely upset the stability of the country and created thousands of refugees.


The deal came about after four days of bombardments by Turkish artillery and jets. President Erdoğan‘s aim is to create a 32-km-wide “safe zone” in Northern Syria to resettle up to two million Syrian refugees currently in Turkey, and to fight Kurdish groups and ISIS. The Turkish operation started last week, after a deal with US President Donald Trump, who ordered the withdrawal of US forces from the area.


That move has caused great instability and brought grave condemnation from all over the world. In particular, the European Union unanimously condemned Turkey’s offensive, after Erdoğan’s threat to send thousands of refugees to Europe, if the EU would intervene in the conflict.


The current situation in Northern Syria is now very confusing. Turkey has reportedly made gains in two key border towns, while Syrian regime troops are joining Kurdish fighters in the north-west of the Kurdish-held city of Manbij. The conflict has already caused dozens of victims on both sides, while hundreds of ISIS members, who were imprisoned in the area, have managed to escape.


Syria is falling again into chaos, and an international intervention in the conflict to restore peace might strongly be needed.



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