T-Pain Discusses Unreleased Kanye West Diss Record l Music News


In a recent interview with Vlad TV, T-Pain claims that Kanye West wrote a diss record about him in the past. According to T-Pain, he was not displayed in the credits of Kanye West’s fourth studio album 808’s and Heartbreak which featured some auto-tuned tracks, however T-Pain was there during the recording of that album. Even though he was not featured in any songs of the album, T-Pain did however work as a vocal coach for Kanye West and showed him the right way to use the Auto-Tune technology. As we know, Kanye West is a perfectonist so it makes sense as to why he would have the “king of Auto-Tune” around.


In the interview, T-Pain recalled a time when Kanye West put him on blast during a studio session by mocking him and everyone that was there all joined in. “He came up with this song for me, and it wasn’t a good song“, T-Pain says. “It was basically describing how wack my ideas was that I was coming up with and he made everybody in the studio join in with him to sing like, ‘T-Pain’s shit is weak’“. He also claimed that the song was “pretty lyrical, I actually thought he should have put that on the record at some point. But it would have been a diss record. I thought that was pretty fucked up“.




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