Tarantina – Fables | Music Video

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Tarantina – Fables | Music Video


Tarantina has unveiled another new single titled “Fables” which is her second song from her forthcoming Teething EP. The EP will be available later in 2017. The new single is accompanied by an appealing self-produced stop motion visual that brings the haunting and eerie song to life.


The singer and videographer tells the meaning of her new single “Fables” and what is about: 


“Fables is about the lies we tell ourselves; the blinkers we wear to protect us from what we’d rather ignore. I wrote Fables mid flight at high speed after jumping headfirst into a relationship that I knew wasn’t going to end well. (From the video, you can probably tell how that one turned out). The video combines stop motion animation and film and was shot in my bedroom.” 




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