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The BBC has unveiled a new project, named Visual Perceptive Media, that will create customisable televisual programming for individuals. Where other similar applications have attempted to utilise information based on geographic locations, the BBC will tailor films and shows using information from your phone. Still in a highly developmental stage, the project has wide ranging implications, and could lead to programming that would hypothetically be different for each viewer.


Using a mobile phone application, the broadcaster will process information drawn from personal data (including your music library) and posed questionnaires. The result will involve editing tailored to the viewers tastes; this could mean one character’s perspective will be promoted over another’s, long dialogue driven scenes may be cut down in preference of action, and even colour pallets can be manipulated. You can check out a full breakdown of the project on the BBC website.


Visual Perceptive Media is an interesting idea, and one that is made all the more prevalent by the way we interact with tailored advertising through search engines and social media. However, if all programming is designed for our personal tastes, will we lose part of the empathic function of art; to identify with a perspective outside of the familiar? A prototype service for customer use is currently in development.



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