The Dead Ships – First Mistakes | Music Video

The Dead Ships 16.07.2016ANDREW


Trio, The Dead Ships, have come have come forward with a video for their new song, “First Mistakes”. They recorded an alternate version with multi-platinum producer/guitarist, Chris Thorn, of Blind Melon and Awolnation, as heard in said video. The Los Angeles band, are Devin McCluskey (vocals, guitar), Alex Moore (bass) and Chris Spindelilus (drums).


“First Mistakes” has steady, pounding on the drums and twiddling indie guitar. The vocals have a certain grit to them. There is a certain melancholy to it all, too, where any joy has to be gripped and never let go of to stand a chance of a happy ending. Lyrics like, “it was good to be alive” exemplify what the song is about. Rolling drums and shouting vocals build to a crescendo.


The video is a curious one. It is rather weird, featuring the faces of all the band members, and others, taped up, with what appears to be masking tape. Their faces are contorted according to how their faces have been forcibly taped up. Another element, more pleasurable, is how the video is chopped up to syncopate with the music.




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