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The So So Glos – Missionary | New Music


Described by Levi Zaru (a.k.a. Aleksander) as a song which “represents the state of being on a quest with urgency and a need to tell the whole world”, “Missionary” is the new punk rock anthem from The So So Glos.


The track manages to maintains a light, non-aggressive feel despite the topic; a song that would fit well in the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater franchise. “Nothing’s gonna stand in my way / Nothing’s gonna bring me down” the lyrics promise against an encouraging melody that made me head-bang in agreement.


“Missionary” is lifted from The So So Glos’ upcoming album, Kamikaze, which has been hailed as “some of the Glos’s rawest songwriting yet that includes themes surrounding heartbreak, hurricanes, feminism, climate change, nervous breakdowns and more“.


Kamikaze will be out on May 13, and the band embark on a U.S. tour later this year (dates to be announced soon). In the mean time, check out “Missionary” below:




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