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Rock band, The Ties, have been making a name for themselves in their native land of Italy. The band consists of lead singer Matt, Matteo on drums, Raffaele on keyboards, and Roberto on bass. Their recently returned with their EP What’s Next? last month (March 18) via One More Lab. Their sound has been described as a “contemporary mood, but with a generous nod to gritty and vintage, British rock sounds”.


We recently asked them a few questions about themselves and what they’ve got coming up.


How did the band form?


“The band was formed in 2013. Actually, just Matt is one of the original members, the others left the band for different reasons. We met through common friends”.


How do you find the music scene in Italy?


“We think the music scene in Italy is the worst of all the Europe. People don’t care about new bands, they just want to hear something that they already know, so the new bands are just the new dress of something old. And if there is a good level of new musicians, there aren’t any good, new ideas”.


Who are your musical influences?


“We love all the British style. Oasis, Verve, Rolling Stones, Beatles, Spiritualized, Blur. But also we like Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Snow Patrol, and other similar bands. We try to take the best of every one of them.


We don’t like indie rock music; it’s too fun and carefree”.


What is the current release written about?


“The Showtime” was released just five days ago, but it seems that people like the song. We have some new likes on our Facebook page of English people…”


Have The Ties toured the UK before? How do you feel about the upcoming tour/touring?


“We never toured in the UK, and we can’t wait for it. It will be probably the best tour experience we’ll ever have, so we look forward to being on the stage in the UK”.


Do you have a label that supports you?


“Yes, One More Lab. Without them, all of this would not have been possible”.


When there will be the release of your new video?


“The video will be out very soon. Let’s see what the opinion of the public will be!”


Follow the bands music updates via their Twitter here



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