Tim Atlas – Sidestep | Music Video


Emerging Bay Area artist Tim Atlas appears into the scene with a more intriguing backstory than most. The California native took a leap and moved to Los Angeles to pursue music full-time after some kind words from none other than Pharrell and Rihanna.


A DIY artist in many aspects, he writes, performs, produces and directs his own content. 20M streams later, Tim is now releasing his new EP, out February 2019 and “Sidestep” is the first single off of that EP.


Delivered in support for World Mental Health Day, Tim’s self produced, 80s glitch-laced electronic instrumental provides an innovative backdrop for his honest account on experiences with social anxiety, with his coy, throaty vocal performance. It comes with a beautifully crafted visual narrative, lava lamps, pet dogs and Netflix binging all in the mix.


“Sidestep is about feeling drained after social interaction. Sometimes I facilitate a conversation, and I feel the need to start pulling from anything I can to try and accommodate the other person’s comfortability. It exhausts me, and eventually, I start to avoid those situations as much as possible, AKA be a hermit and binge Netflix shows.”




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