Tim Maiden – So Far Gone | New Music


Tim Maiden has unveiled a brand new single titled “So Far Gone”. His featured single “The Other Side” reached Spotify’s main Fresh Finds Playlist in its second week of release. R&B singer Maiden has, for while, been searching for his sound, and came to a realization that his music has to be fully honest which led to clarity for the singer’s music direction.


Maiden explains: “´So Far Gone´ means exactly what it means. When I wrote this song I stopped suppressing some shit, sat down at the piano and for the first time in a long time let it out. In a lot of ways this song was the song that got me on track and helped me find myself as a artist; the beginning I guess. Not hiding is a beautiful thing. Being present with yourself and others is all you can do, otherwise what’s the point”.


Stream Tim Maiden´s newest single “So Far Gone” below.




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