Timothee Chalamet To Play Henry V In ‘The King’ For Netflix | Film News


While he waits to see if his role in Call Me By Your Name garners him an Academy Award, Timothee Chalamet has set up his next project, and like many of his fellow actors, he’s heading to Netflix. The actor has signed on to play a young Henry V in The King.


David Michod will direct what will be his second movie for Netflix after the Brad Pitt-fronted satire, War Machine, landed on the streaming service last year to mixed-to-negative reviews.


The story of The King will revolve around Henry V ascending to the throne after his brother is killed, becoming king in the late 1300s. But the empire is teetering with England at war with France, and thus the young king steps in at a tumultuous time. Michod wrote the screenplay with Joel Edgerton, who will also produce alongside Pitt’s Plan B.


Chalamet is probably about to hit it big after his Oscar nomination, plus the fact that he’s already got a drug-addict drama with Steve Carell titled Beautiful Boy ready to go, and he’s already been in line for lead roles in superhero movies.


It’s good to see him take on dense, interesting roles like these ones, and if he continues to display the talent we saw from him in his 2017 roles, we could be looking at one of the next great actors.


Production on The King is set to begin in June.



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