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Torii Wolf – Pain Killer | New Music


American singer-songwriter Torii Wolf just released her brand new single “Pain Killer”, taken from her forthcoming debut album Flow Riiot which is being unveiled on September 29 via DJ Premier´s TTT (To The Top) imprint.


The artist has the iconic producer DJ Premier, who is famous for producing and contributing to classic projects, manning the boards for her album. The collaboration between Torii Wolf and DJ Premier has already birthed a few strong singles already, in the lead up to the release of Flow Riiot, but this new offering was produced by Mike Zombie.


Torii says about “Pain Killer” that it “is a very intense record for me emotionally. I love the track that Mike Zombie created; his productions are dark and deep and that really resonates with me. I want people to connect with this song on a level of compassion and understanding. Falling in and out of love. The strong similarities to the high you get from being intimate with another person. Co-dependency. Vulnerability. There is a space and emotion in this record. I did it in one take, so my raw emotion is immortalized here”.


Speaking about producing the record, Mike Zombie says “‘Pain Killer’ is definitely the most left field production people will have heard from me so far” I sampled “Nathan King- Gone Away” a musician that I really like and it really gave the production that feel to that airy, open vibe. When I heard what Torii had done to the record I was in awe.


Not to be cliché, but she really embodies pain in her voice alone. When I spoke to Premier I was one honored to even work with him, but more honored that he respected the craft enough to let me mix the record. Not too many producers get to mix their records nowadays and it was my first time ever doing it and getting the opportunity to do it with him for the first time is a true accomplishment”.


Listen to Torii Wolf´s single “Pain Killer” below.




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