Toronto Artist And Producer Tyra Jutai Drops Cinematic Visuals For ‘Frida’ | Music News


Toronto alternative pop singer and producer Tyra Jutain has released an amazing cinematic visuals for her song “Frida” taken from her latest EP You Weren’t A Muse, and we can clearly see her inspiration from the first second of the video – Golden Age Hollywood actress and singer Mae West and her classic 1933 movie I’m No Angel.


The visuals of the video are so creative and expresses the image really well, of everyone that has been cheated on before. In the lyrics, she directly addresses her unfaithful ex-boyfriend and a mistress who forgot the value of sisterhood in order to desperately find a new lover, but she’s also pointing out that someone who is ready and wanting to cheat will do so.


Tyra Jutain says about “Frida”, “I knew we were similar. It’s not really her I’m shaming in the song, but rather my ex, like when I say I would have run off with his best friend, if he had one. In the end, of the story and of the song, I am thanking Frida for pointing out a world of trouble in my relationship that was bubbling below the surface, waiting for catalyst to unravel it all. I am thanking her for being that catalyst”.


She has created a crazy atmosphere of a short story because we don’t know exactly what is happening at what time period, just like on Wes Anderson films, and when on-screen Tyra is weilding a gun, we are told that it also represents the mental state of the Tyra that is watching in the audience – I think you have to see it to get what we mean.


Watch the explosion of creativity by Tyra Jutai with her “Frida” video here:




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