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The enigmatic band TTRRUUCES is back after their single “Sad Girl” and Lost Boy” with their new sound “TTRRUUCES” released on January 30, 2020, which will be part of their debut album!


The London band settled down by the sea for a year to work on their album. They produced it themselves, and called Alan Moulder for mixing and Chab for mastering. “Sad Girl”, which was released at the end of 2019, was recently played by Tom Robinson on 6 Music.


After playing many introductory shows, including The Great Escape and The British Sound Project, they plan to do their first show this year which will be a secret invitation-only show at The Factory.


Their first album tells the story of Saddy and Syd and how they met. Saddy is introduced in their first single “Sad Girl” which opens the story. She is a depressed and different 17-year-old girl with a complicated family. She meets Syd, who is introduced in the second single “Lost Boy”. Syd is a boy in his twenties who is lost in his life and purely hedonistic.


They meet through the Bad Kids, the users of the drug TTRUUCES. The single “TTRRUUCES” picks up the story. In this single, Saddy and Syd take this drug and have a total bad trip. After this single, we can wonder if in the next sounds they will find the sense of belonging that they both desperately seek.


Listen to it here:




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