TUC General Secretary Frances O’Grady Attacks Boris Johnson On Brexit | Politics


We know what kind of man Boris Johnson is, and the people he gets to do his dirty work. We don’t trust him. He would sell livelihoods down the river because all he cares about is political power”. This is what Frances O’Grady, the TUC General Secretary, said at the first day of the TUC annual congress, attacking not only the Prime Minister’s political moves but also his political figure.


After May’s failure at finding a solution to the Brexit problem and with the deadline for leaving the EU fast approaching (October 31), Brexit continues to be a central topic in the British political life. Some days ago, Boris Johnson tried to suspend the parliament activity until October in order to facilitate the Brexit process that, in his view, should lead to a “no-deal” solution, but his plans have been challenged in court.


O’Grady has invited the Parliament to “hold their nerve” until after 31 October, in order to avoid a ‘hard’ Brexit that will lead, in her opinion, to “higher fuel prices and a more expensive weekly shop” and to the destruction of British Jobs.


Above all, O’Grady argues that there will be “less money for the NHS and medicine shortages for cancer patients”, something completely different from the £350 million that, according to the ‘Leave’ campaign, would have been saved thanks to Brexit and invested in the national healthcare system.



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