Vicktor Taiwò – Feathers & Wax | New Music


British Nigerian electronic artist Vicktor Taiwò premieres the single “Feathers & Wax” from his upcoming EP Juno, which is due to be released digitally on June 16. Previously pursuing a career in photography, Vicktor only recently switched paths to music taking inspiration from a musical family. Talking about Juno, Taiwò says, “this project will always be reminiscent to me of the growing pains of a young boy, from the subject matter to the creation and exploration of the music itself. It was in many ways unconscious, uncontrollable but inevitable. It was in many ways uncomfortable and acutely painful. I don’t know if any of this permeates through the music itself when you listen to it, I wish it does“. You can listen to the single “Feathers & Wax” down below.




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